By Presentation Studio

June 7, 2017

Just think: You could be home now instead of doing this presentation

Putting a presentation together can sometimes be a herculean task.

There’s the designing of the slides and charts. Transferring old slides into a new design. Searching and integrating slides, pictures and icons. Updating slide content and searching for the most recent templates. The list is seemingly endless.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. At Presentation Studio, we’ve developed PowerPoint Design 101 Training workshops that give you technical knowledge of the features as well as practical guidance for creating first class PowerPoint designs.

Our workshops are absolutely ideal for companies who have just launched a new PowerPoint template. They’re great for pre-conference workshops, breakout training workshops, or just personal development.

The outcome from our workshops, is that you’ll think like a designer, and understand slide design essentials. You’ll also have the confidence to create consistent, on-brand, professional presentations.

If you want to spend less time in putting a presentation together and more quality time away from the office, send your details now to register interest in our PowerPoint Presentation workshops:


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