By Presentation Studio

December 18, 2013

A Year in Review

What a year! 2013 was an epic year for growth, refinement and launching into the digital world. We have to firstly thank all our clients that have supported us. We certainly look forward to raising the bar even higher for you in 2014 from Sydney, Perth and Singapore!

It has been a year of volume and quality increases. We were accepted as a recognised Prezi expert for our latest works completed in Prezi. We have seen several new and existing clients engage in the use of Prezi for its dynamic and different flows that make for a memorable presentation.

Presentation Studio is now a part of the Apple Consultants Network (ACN) due to Apple recognising the initiatives and innovative ways we design and use iBooks for Corporate and Enterprise clients. This has been a very rewarding initiative, and we are leading the way for clients to bridge the content gap between traditional corporate media and employee and customer iPads.

We’re app developers!

Our Digital Publishing team can build your company a branded app designed as a digital library – housing your interactive publications. Perfect for sales or business collateral with distribution to restricted users or the public, on both iPad and Android tablets.

PS Team picnic

Finally, but not least, we will bid a fond farewell to two of our respected team members Sophie and Jessica B who will go on to tackle new challenges of work and new family life. Of course a new year around the corner and we see great new things coming. We look forward to be at the forefront of Presentations and Digital Publishing.

Once again a big thank you to all our clients, we sincerely appreciate the working relationships we have built and hope you all have a great Christmas break.
We will be ready to save you time, and transform your companies presentations in the New Year.

Emma Bannister
Managing Director
Presentation Studio

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