By Presentation Studio

August 1, 2017

Why you need ‘soft skills’ training

Knowing how to get along with people is crucial for any kind of long-term success, no matter what business you are in. The problem is that the importance of these soft skills is often undervalued in an organisation, and there is not much kind of communication training available for them.

Soft skills are, generally speaking, your people skills. How you socialise and communicate with others, the attitude you display towards this, your emotional intelligence.

These communication and people skills are vital when it comes to putting together and, more importantly, presenting a powerful presentation.

That’s why Presentation Studio provides soft skills training as part of our workshops. You’ll not only learn how to write and design a winning presentation, but also the communications skills needed to deliver what you present with impact and influence.

It’s worth noting that in a recent study by AOL Finance, the most desirable soft skills that organisations look for include:

  1. strong work ethic
  2. positive attitude
  3. good communication skills
  4. time management abilities
  5. problem-solving skills
  6. acting as a team player
  7. self-confidence
  8. ability to accept and learn from criticism.

So ask yourself: Can you really afford not to invest in you or your team’s soft skills?

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