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February 14, 2020

Why formatting is important for every presentation

Why formatting is important for every presentation.

Professionals across all industries rarely ever leave time to format their presentations. It’s time consuming – and easier to simply assume your presentation accurately represents your brand.

Getting the right information on the page is hard enough, especially when multiple stakeholders and evolving conditions are involved. With tight deadlines looming, pulling together slides that make sense, is a miracle in itself – let alone spending the time to ensure they are on-brand and have a professional polish.  

Unfortunately, if your information is not presented in clear and professional way – it doesn’t matter how compelling the information is or how exciting the new product is.  Without good design, your audience will simply not engage. Here are three reasons why formatting your PowerPoints is an important part of the presentation process.  

First impressions matter. 

An audience will decide within the first few seconds whether or not they want to listen to what you’ve got to say. You might be the best at what you do, but if your body language and tone of voice doesn’t support your key message, you’re at risk of being dismissed. Formatting fits into this same category. Formatting and consistency of your presentation is an important support to your overall key message.  

It shows you care.  

Audiences can sense when the presenter doesn’t care about what they are talking about. As soon as they realise, they will immediately disengage. If you don’t invest in them, why should they?  

Even when you really do care about what you are talking about, poor formatting can give the opposite impression to your audience. Don’t let blurry images, the wrong brand colours, or misaligned text boxes undermine your key messages! Pay close attention to the details to ensure every part of your presentation supports your overall message.  

Your brand reputation is at stake. 

Whether you’re presenting to a new client or at a conference, while you up the front – you are the face of your brand. If the content on the screen is disorganised, they’re going to assume your company is too.  

Even if you’re speaking to an internal stakeholder, the need to be on-brand is crucial. Showing your organisation that you are a good ambassador for the brand is the first step to building trust. Once they trust you, they are more to understand and buy into the information you are presenting.  

At Presentation Studio, our formatting service is designed to make your life easier, so you can focus on what’s important. Our design studio is like a carwash for your presentation – give us your messy finalised content and we’ll send you a sparkling new presentation that adheres to your organisation’s brand guidelines.  

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