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September 17, 2015

What they don’t teach you at school

Most professionals enter the workforce with presentation experience gathered from presenting to their class or peers on a studied subject. Done mostly without knowledge on how to structure a presentation or basic design principles. This results in ‘death by powerpoint’ and people picking up (some very bad) habits and carrying them throughout their careers.

A client in the financial industry came to us recently with a few challenges – one in particular was about their presentation culture – which believed in lots of slides filled with lots of information.

Their needs:

They needed team training in the form of an interactive, short workshop that focussed on shifting the culture to creating better presentations. The knowledge and tools taught had to be easily applied as soon as the team returned to their desks the following day.

Our solution:

A team of 12 spent the day in our training room located in Moore Park, Sydney and were taken through hands on practical training which included structure, content, visual communication and PowerPoint 101.

The result:

Within just one week the internal culture around creating and designing presentations completely changed by reducing the time people spent creating their presentations and increasing audience engagement for those attending the meetings.

“I just wanted to extend a HUGE thank you from the team. The training has been an absolute hit! We have well and truly immersed ourselves in the process and making our presentations better”. Marketing Manager, Financial Services

If you want to change your organisation’s presentation culture and learn practical tools to create great presentation content and design, our presentation training expert Alison can talk you through what’s involved and tailor a solution to your needs. Call her on 1300 699 609 or send her an email

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