By Presentation Studio

March 28, 2018

Human 2 Human stories – what is your brand hiding about you?

Our organisation’s brand and identity is our most valuable asset, yet many of us have no idea how we are being perceived.

Creating Human 2 Human stories

We might think we are communicating one way, whereas actually we are screaming something else entirely _?_ especially when it comes to how we present ourselves online and through presentations.

We spout facts and stats, data and research, usually overloaded or hidden amongst bullet points, reams of text and jargon. All this does is create unnatural, overcomplicated messages and solutions that turns our audience _?_ the very people we want to connect with _?_ completely off.

We’ve been brought up on this idea that we should hide any signs of human emotion in business _?_ and that simply isn’t true.

In fact, in a study by Disney and Gallup, it was found that organisations that optimise their customers’ emotional journey generate 26% more gross margin and experience 85% more sales growth than their competitors.

It’s when we fail to share stories, to share emotion, to share the ups and downs, that our customers perceive we are hiding something, that there is something untoward or even nasty going on. This damages our brand both internally with our employees, as well as externally with our clients and stakeholders.

The first step is to realise that there is no more B2B or B2C in today’s communication landscape. What the world needs today, what your customers, clients and stakeholders are actually crying out for is H2H _?_ from human to human, a natural connection through compelling visuals and emotional stories.

Presentations are a critical tool to helping bring this human touch to your corporation’s reputation.

Whenever you present it is an opportunity to influence the way those in the room think and act. When you share your vision and goals through compelling stories, slides and images, your audience will connect to a future they want to be a part of. You reduce fear and instil confidence in your team, your stakeholders and everyone around you.

So invest the time and energy into planning a powerful presentation so your audience will invest their time and energy in you, your story and, ultimately, they’ll share that with others.


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