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April 28, 2016

What getting out of your comfort zone can do

Late last year I reached a point in my career where I knew I needed growth and wanted to become a better leader. Thankfully a series of fortunate events (and one awesome client) lead me to discover The Marketing Academy Leader’s Program (TMA) – a nine-month course including two bootcamps, a dedicated coach, access to a variety of mentors and attendance at numerous lectures.
There was a three step application process involved and it was a huge leap of faith to apply _?_ the people selected are some of the most talented in the country. I wasn’t sure I was good enough to be in the same league as them. However I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and applied. Three grueling application stages and one phone call later, the course of my life changed forever.

I was blessed to be one of only 30 candidates in Australia chosen.

The first week long bootcamp was an intense experience designed to challenge our thinking. Guest lecturers included:

It certainly changed my understanding of what being a true leader means.
But the bootcamp was more than just theory; it enabled me to directly experience the qualities I needed to become a better leader. This included personal development, such as removing my _??mask_?? and allowing myself to be vulnerable. This process enables me to help others develop by giving them the confidence to make their own decisions. Consequently, the mark of a great leader is how many leaders they can create underneath them.
One of the greatest gifts of this process has been meeting 29 other inspirational, intelligent, thoughtful and passionate leaders. As for my initial insecurity? I realised we’re all real people with similar challenges _?_ all the same underneath the mask. We continue to support and inspire each other; and we share the love. Yes love. We’ve become friends, confidants and mentors, united by the knowledge that we’re all bloody lucky to be on this journey together.


The Marketing Academy:

Watch my application video: 

Terri Martin is General Manager at Presentation Studio.

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