By Presentation Studio

November 20, 2014

Visual connections in presentations

As humans, we are gifted with the extraordinary ability to decode visual puzzles in our minds. Our brain is a visual machine designed to automatically see the big picture. Every time it sees an incomplete visual piece, it will automatically try to search the missing puzzle pieces, mainly from its vast and unlimited memory storage of things that it had seen, recorded, or forgotten.

The images below show simple paper illustrations imitating famous and iconic characters from movies, TV series or comics, in the simplest way possible. Can you guess which characters they represent?

How easy or difficult it is to identify these paper illustrations can vary, as we all have different levels of knowledge, imagination and memories.

Understanding how the mind works and connects visually is a really important part of visual communication. In presentation design, using the right visuals will help the audience to connect, engage and understand the messages that the presenter is trying to communicate. We often fear that using less or subtle visuals means the audience will have difficulties in recognizing it. But hey, turns out our brain is much more skilled than we think.

If you want to check if your guesses were right, we’ve provided the inspiration below.

The inspiration

To see more of these amazing paper illustrations created by one of our talented designers click here. See how many you can guess before looking at the names.

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