By Presentation Studio

October 7, 2014

How OAIC were able to answer the questions about Privacy, publically.

The OAIC (Office of the Australian Information Commissioner) needed a presentation solution that would help them communicate the answers to general questions surrounding Privacy in Australia.

The challenge was to create a range of presentations that were accessible, easily interpreted by people from all ages and backgrounds and simple to understand. They also needed to be displayed on the company website so people could watch and share.

Our solution was to create a multimedia PowerPoint presentation that included colours, text and graphics that supported the key messages and was easy to read and understand.

After the script was developed, we recorded a voice over, over laid this onto the slides, added music then converted the final PowerPoint presentation files to a video format which could be uploaded to their YouTube channel and website.

The result was five visual presentations that clearly explained privacy and gave OAIC the tools to communicate to the public the answers they required.

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