An Entrepreneur's Journey.

Emma Bannister

An entrepreneur's journey is full of challenges that can be the 'make or break' of your business. For Presentation Studio CEO Emma Bannister, these challenges helped shape her company into the leading presentation agency it is today.

Watch each video as Emma divulges how she overcame these challenges, and developed key tips and strategies to help you do the same.

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Emma Bannister - Presentation Studio 2019

Getting Started- Pitching for the first time.

Pitching your business to potential clients and investors can be the defining factor in the growth of your company. Join Emma as she uncovers her first major challenge and milestone on her journey as an entrepreneur- Pitching.

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Learn how to Present.

You have your content, and you know what you want to say. The only thing left is... how do you say it? How do you inspire your audience to see the same value you see in your business? Sometimes knowing the isn't enough, you need to be able to motivate your audience in support of your ideas.

Growing up as an introvert, Emma had to break out of her comfort zone, and learn how to present to an audience. Take a look as she shares her story.

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