By Presentation Studio

September 16, 2014

Our Tuesday Tip

Have you been given a new PowerPoint Template to use but have heaps of slides from an old presentation you now need to format?

Never fear, we have a very quick and easy fix. Simply follow these three steps and your old content will be in your new template before you can say PowerPoint.

1. In slide sorter view, select the slide or slides from the old presentation to be copied and press Ctrl C to copy.

2. In your new presentation, click on where you want to insert the slides, press Ctrl V to paste, selecting Use Destination Theme.

3. For each of the slides pasted right click and select Layout to apply the closest layout from the new master template.

Then simply go through and review each slide to double check all the formatting is the way you want it to look. You may need to do some tidying up but it shouldn’t take too much time if you’ve followed the above steps.

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