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March 29, 2017

Deliver your presentation message right with these top tips

There is nothing more terrifying that the thought of standing in front of a captive audience and your mind goes blank. When you don’t prepare a speech properly, you can run the risk of awkward pauses, stuttering and most importantly mincing your message. If you want to know how to organise your presentation content in a way that will help you remember the crux of your speech, look no further.

A common mistake people make when planning a speech is to rely heavily on reference cards or pages and pages of paper with the speech written out verbatim. While they may act as a great place holder for your fiddly hands, you can run the risk of losing your spot, forgetting where you are going, and missing the nuance of reading your audience.

Don’t waste a wonderfully written presentation with a lack of effective preparation

You want to know how to turn a carefully written speech into an engaging presentation. We recommend an insightful technique, given to us by presentation summit host Rick Altman, to help you remember your presentation, understand your content’s key message and avoid a clumsy delivery.

Plot out your speech and you’ll remember it in no time

Rather than spend hours upon hours, desperately trying to remember your carefully planned _??pause for laughter’, get to know your content in a more efficient way. Organise your presentation content into 12 individual points or ideas, and plot them around our Presentation Planner Clock.

Breaking up your content makes it easier to remember and understand

Breaking your content into 12 key ideas will do two things.

  1. It will help focus your understanding of the presentation and its overarching message and intent. By reducing your content down to 12 points, you are getting to the core of your speech and ensuring that as the presenter you understand exactly what you want your audience to take.
  2. It will give you just 12 triggers to remember, instead of a lengthy speech. You can easily turn your 12 points into a poem or a game to help you remember, and when you walk into the room, all you need is our presentation planner and a bit of confidence and you’re set to deliver a fantastic speech.

Remember and plan your engaging speech now

This is the perfect way to remember your presentation structure, no matter whether you are delivering a ten-minute presentation to your management team, or a two-day seminar to a thousand.

Download our presentation planner now:


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