CEO Emma Bannister is total dynamite. She is the spearhead of Presentation Studio’s thought leadership.

Having built APAC’s largest presentation agency from the ground up, her communication philosophy has changed people’s lives and businesses for the better.

Emma is a Microsoft MVP and Telstra Business award finalist.

The Impact of Our Hybrid World

I’ve had a passion for PowerPoint since the first time I used it in the early 90s. Helping companies move from overhead projectors to visual designs in PowerPoint. 

Every new feature and update of PowerPoint is as exciting as the first. I love sharing my experience and knowledge as a Microsoft MVP through keynotes, books, blogs, articles and training programs I have written.


Visual Thinking

CEO of Presentation Studio and author of Visual Thinking, a five-step presentation guide. A presentation Expert and a Microsoft MVP since 2018.

Since 2020 my role has been to help people adapt their presentations, events, careers and lives through covid as the world has transformed into a hybrid workplace. 

As a virtual business, I advocate; Living well, Working well, Employing well. Find out more below.

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