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Thought leadership

PS was the first specialist presentation agency in Australia - born in 2006.  We take great pride in sharing our industry knowledge and success stories.  Since our inception, we've trained thousands of new presentation superstars and created bucketloads of awe-inspiring presentations - jump on board! 

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Buzzword Unpacked: Storytelling

Buzzword Unpacked: Storytelling

posted at 08/10/2019 4:59:16 PM

End Presentation Frustration

End Presentation Frustration

posted at 04/07/2019 9:59:05 AM

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Our thinking.

Why visuals matter:

Humans process visual information faster, and remember it for longer. While words stick around in the short-term, images go straight to long-term memory. As a result, our writers collaborate closely with our design team to convey your story from every angle. Our designers develop and create stunning visual representations, creating a professional look and feel to your slides that support your key messages.

Need to really impress? How about animations or video to captivate your audience? Something interactive? We can do it all - and so much more.

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Why Visuals Matter
Our Method

Our method.

Persuasive stories

Born from real-life presentation experience, and by analysing the very best speakers from history, our persuasive storytelling methodology, influences and creates a lasting impact on any audience. 

Structured to take the audience on a journey of what is, and what could be - from beginning, middle to end our method starts with a 'big idea' and closes with a clear call to action. 

It's so good, not only our writers are trained in this method,  we can train you and your team as well. Aristotle would be proud!

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PS. Did you know, not only do we write and design amazing presentations, we can also train your team to build and deliver their own? 

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We're here to take the stress away from that last minute presentation. Break free from 'bullet point city' and give us a shout!