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The Power of Presenting.

Cut the frustration from presenting with our professional training courses!

End #PresentationFrustration with our professional training courses.

We’ve trained countless blue-chip organisations like Telstra, Caltex, Here Technologies and Commbank to end #PresentationFrustration - to get the most out of their software and teams, and to bring an end to the “glazed eye” look when your speaker double-clicks that “P” icon.

Whether you’re an employer wanting to maximise efficiency in your teams, or an employee who wants to save time and maximise engagement by upskilling in the world’s number one office communications software, we’ve got you covered.

We have a range of training courses for all budgets and group sizes that will help employees and employers put an end to #PresentationFrustration once and for all - helping you build presentations that excite, engage, and most importantly - inspire action.

See below for our range of courses; or download the pack to see all available options including dates and pricing. Alternatively, give us a call to discuss - we’d be more than happy to talk you through any of our courses, or if you’re ready to pull the trigger, scroll down and purchase course directly from the page.

Present with confidence


Designed to arm you with the practical 'know-how' to craft a compelling story, that creates impact and drives action.

Through a series of engaging and collaborative exercises, you’ll learn how to blend analytical and emotional content into memorable messages.

This practical, interactive workshop focuses on presentation structure, content, messaging and visual communication - the foundation blocks of creating a powerful presentation for your audience.


In this informative and engaging workshop, you learn some of the most useful PowerPoint features as well as practical guidance for creating first class PowerPoint slides.

You are taught to “think like a designer”, by learning how to get the most from this powerful software. Discover design 101 principles to  maximise productivity.

Speaker Delivery

Present with confidence and be remembered for all the right reasons.

We arm you with the must-know strategies for overcoming nerves so you can become the kind of speaker you've always wanted to be. Learning the proper use f tone, gesture and body language, you will learn how to motivate your audience to act in support of your ideas through your delivery.

Bring your own presentation and learn how to deliver with absolute confidence, conviction and clarity.

Group Team Training

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From Storytelling, to Speaker Coaching or PowerPoint, download our information pack and find out more!

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Individual Public Training

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From Storytelling, to Speaker Coaching or PowerPoint, download our information pack and find out more!


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