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September 10, 2015

The importance of Explainer Video’s for today’s B2B Marketers

More people are becoming aware about how much our attention spans are shrinking– humans apparently now have less attention span than a goldfish.

We are also consuming information very differently today. Now, short form, micro content using infographics and videos are how people are starting to build connections with businesses and brands. This is contributing to a massive …

“76% of B2B Marketers creating videos”*

More specifically, explainer videos are a great way to turn your long form content or presentation into a compelling sound bite that can be consumed on multiple platforms and devices.

The old way of creating videos has also gone.

No more long timeframes and big budgets – now using presentation experts, you can create an explainer video that has a powerful structure and story and it can be produced in Prezi or PowerPoint. Here’s how to approach creating an explainer video for your product or service:

  1. Start with a clear objective and a clean piece of paper. Why are you creating this video? What do you want to explain? What action do you want to elicit once someone has seen it?
  2. Write a script that tells a story – defining your idea and why it matters to the audience will help you connect, engage and inspire action.
  3. Get to the point – think of it as an elevator pitch. You could tell your story in a traditional 40 slide deck in an hour. But would you say if you only had 2 minutes?
  4. Use attention-grabbing and vibrant graphics – we all love to be visually entertained. Words and numbers consume our working day, so having something that visually entices us will be a welcome break.

You also don’t need to worry about the production being a big, lengthy or expensive exercise. Call one of our presentation experts and we’ll take your time or budget constraints into mind when creating a custom made video that will connect your product or service with your audience.

*Source: B2B Content Marketing Institute Research, 2015

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