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February 19, 2014

How to tell a story using design

In a previous post we talked about the importance of telling a great story, so today we would like to share more specific tips on how to bring a story to life using presentation design.

As people relay stories using verbal cues and memories of key words and phrases, people remember a good presentation by being able to connect with a strong visual cue. Visual cues can come in many forms – here are three we know work well in a corporate presentation environment:

1. Images:
One of the most powerful tools to use if you want to tell a story and evoke an emotion. Spend time to think about the message and try to look at it from an abstract point of view. Growth in a company doesn’t always need to be a seedling in human hands.

Increase2. Icons:
We are surrounded by icons in our everyday lives that help our brain shortcut and process information quicker. If you’re talking about digital strategies, look for icons that can support your story eg: Tablet or mobile phone screens.

3. Graphics:
A very quick way to show a product is increasing in sales is to show an arrow moving up with a figure. But there are more creative ways this information can be conveyed in a presentation. Instead of showing an excel chart or a sentence stating that sales increased by 45%, this is a more memorable and powerful way to design the same information

To see how powerful these verbal cues can be check out our Portfolio section.

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