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December 11, 2020

skills your team needs to stay relevant post covid

Five skills your team needs to stay competitive in a post-COVID world.

This year has brought a lot of change to our organisations. The move to digital workplaces has fundamentally shifted how we do business. Coupled with the rapid move to automation, teams are going to need to develop new skills to remain efficient in this new world. Here are five new skills your team needs to stay relevant in 2020 and beyond.

Effective communication

Communication skills have always been incredibly essential for your employees, but now these skills need to extend to new platforms. Videoconferencing and collaborating require a new set of communication management tools, and employees are going to need to adapt.  You’ll have to get better with your words and value brevity. We’ve already seen the adverse effects of poor communication through video call fatigue across many organisations.

Our years of communication experience has given us the know-how to match the right message to the right platform to reach the right audience. We can help your team improve their communication through one of our incredible training sessions.


According to PwC, empathy is a crucial skill employee of the future will need. The ability to understand the challenges other employees, stakeholders and organisations are facing, and help will be central to organisational roles that haven’t been automated.

At PS, we’ve spent a lot of time consider empathy. When developing presentations that influence and add value to audiences, empathy is incredibly important. Truly understanding your audience is the first step to effective communication.

Data Analysis

According to McKinsey and Co, even though computers will be doing a lot of the data gathering in the future, teams are still going to have to do a lot of the work in terms of turning data into actionable insights.

We’ve seen our fair share of data in our time, often dumped on an illegible slide that is overcrowded with heaps of unnecessary content.  Drawing insights from data takes time and a little bit of creativity, understanding the story the data is saying and expressing it in a way that creates valuable change within your audience is a crucial skill of tomorrow.


Creativity is predicted to become an essential desired skill in the future. Before you say – but I’m not a ‘creative’ person, remember that creativity is not the exclusive domain of those in the arts. If you’re able to connect the dots with seemingly disparate information and throw all the ideas together to present something ‘new’, then you are a creative person.

Complex Problem Solving

As we look ahead to the future, there will be problems we need to solve, that we’ve never had to face. The pandemic was proof of that. As we continue to move forward, we are going to need to ensure our teams have the skills to solve the challenges of tomorrow. Thinking logically, laterally and out-of-the-box can help you and your organisation develop solutions that add value to our societies in the years to come.

Make sure your teams have the skills of tomorrow. If they don’t, consider partnering with an organisation like us! Presentation Studio is a team of empathetic storytellers and insight-driven problem-solvers. Get in touch today!

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