Slide decks.

A slide deck is perfect leave behind when you are presenting highly analytical information, or when you would like to provide reference material for your audience. Unlike presentation decks, slide decks are used to accompany highly visual and engaging presentations, providing additional information that is not pivotal to the 'in-person' presentation experience.

They are can, therefore, be a little more content-heavy, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t be memorable - and that’s a promise!

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Slide Deck

Some examples

Presentation vs slide deck:


Personal connection, effective design, and carefully crafted storyline - a presentation conveys your message to an audience in a memorable, meaningful manner. Slides are designed to help the audience understand and buy into your idea.

Slide Deck:

A standalone document that is content-rich – facts, stats, data and graphs (like a magazine or brochure). Unlike a presentation, a slide deck is not designed to be spoken to, as the information is self-explanatory

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Presentation vs. Report

2-in-1 for Toll.

Toll needed a presentation and leave behind from the one piece of work. Here's how we did it.

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Toll Group

Slide deck and presentation

Here, Toll utilised a detailed leave behind document to send after their conference and a slick presentation for their main event - sharing key messages and big ideas. 

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Slide decks are a perfect addition to your main presentation. They work when you're not there to deliver in person or need to provide your audience with some additional information. 

Perfect for:

  • Internal reports and updates
  • Research findings
  • Complex and data-heavy reports