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February 5, 2020

Presentation templates can save your business time and money

Save time and make money with presentation templates

Picture this. You’re in a stakeholder meeting, your colleague is presenting on behalf of your business. A slide flicks up on the screen . . . and it’s a mess. It’s not in brand colours. The logo used is an outdated version. The slide is overcrowded and hard to read. Inconsistent and unprofessional presentations aren’t a good look. This issue has two common causes:

  1. Multiple presenters. When a variety of people make presentations on behalf of your business, consistency is difficult.
  2. Lack of time. Presentation design is not the top priority for a time-poor team.

There is a solution. You can ensure that every presentation your business gives is the highest quality. How?


Custom presentation templates with a wide range of layout options are the easiest way to make sure your presentations are consistent – and always looking good. Templates are the skeleton of a presentation, allowing each presenter to simply insert their own content. With a template, you can feel confident that your brand is being presented consistently. Templates lock in:

Our templates are designed according to your brand guidelines, so you can be sure that your presentations are truly on-brand.

Templates are an investment which continue to pay off, presentation after presentation. Here are three reasons we love templates:

1. Templates save you time!

Think of all the time you spend preparing PowerPoint slides – fiddling with graphics, checking fonts, finding the right sized logo to use. Now, multiply that by however many of your team members also make presentations. That is how much time you could be saving as an organisation, if you had a template.

2. Templates make you money!

Seriously. Templates are a smart business investment. Research shows that visuals are processed 60,000x faster than text. That means it really matters how your presentations look. Better presentations = better results.

3. Templates make your branding department happy!

Templates ensure that every presentation aligns to brand guidelines. There are often restrictions on the kind of images and graphics which can be used in brands’ presentations. When every presentation looks different – this is hard to keep track of. Templates make your branding department’s job a little easier and ensure consistency for everyone.

Here at Presentation Studio, we are template whizzes! Our designers can create bespoke template libraries for you and your team. We’ll help protect your brand and save time – by providing beautifully designed and practical templates. We can even train you on how to use them!

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