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May 8, 2018

SalesPreso – is this a game changing presentation platform?

Imagine if you could leverage your sales IP and marketing data from across your business, distribute it live into your sales team presentation, and then use AI to recommend what slides to use _?_ all in the blink of an eye!

This seems to be the genius behind the SalesPreso platform – a new interactive presentation software platform in the cloud

SalesPreso allows you to replace your tired, old presentations with AI-powered, interactive content and transform your sales, advice and marketing outcomes as a result.

Their aim is to disrupt traditional methods of pulling together presentations, so naturally at Presentation Studio, we were curious to learn how it all works.

Here are our top five insights from SalesPreso that could change the game of presentations forever.

Game Changer 1: Data Insights first

Rather than starting your sales presentation with who you are, what you do and why you are so good, this platform allows you to start with personalised data insights on your customer’s business or industry.

It pulls together knowledge of your potential customer from your CRM, ERP, BI or other internal and external data sources. So it creates a bespoke customer presentation _?_ every time. (Pretty clever, eh.) 



Game Changer 2: Productivity saver on steroids

Think of all the time you usually spend sourcing the latest stats from marketing or sales on the customer you’re about to present to. Even when you finally find what you want, it’s usually out of date once you put it in the presentation.

Well, no more.

SalesPreso gets around this by integrating multiple data sources into their platform, which translates directly into pre-prepared slide content on their system. So no more chasing, and no more waiting around. Plus, you can be sure you’re getting the latest info. 

Game Changer 3: Automated content

The single most time-consuming activity in the presentation cycle is creating a customised presentation. That’s why most people decide to use the same boring content over and over again.

SalesPreso’s solution uses AI to recognise when content is being used a lot, used rarely or even completely ignored. It learns and recommends the best content that works for the end user and the audience.

It is said that 80% of a client’s slides produced by marketing are not used by the sales team. So SalesPreso makes sure you deliver relevant content to the team _?_ automatically!

Slide sorter

Game Changer 4: True visibility

SalesPreso is browser based, and tracks user behaviour and content to allow the business to see sales activity. It also shows the slides that were presented, how long someone spent presenting them, what content was engaged with and a lot, lot more.

So content creators can work out what’s working, what’s not and who’s working hard. (Eek!)

Game Changer 5: Big Picture

The biggest challenge many of our enterprise clients face is how to deliver consistent messages through thousands of slides that are used by hundreds of sales reps.

SalesPreso solves this architecture problem with one cloud-based library of smart templates that update themselves dynamically based on the needs of a specific sales meeting, this unique approach removes content version control issues altogether, as there’s only one version!

The platform gives sales reps flexibility to edit content where they need to, and locks down content where the business needs to ensure consistency. Add guided selling AI to ensure your team are using the best-performing content for the right customer, and tracking to continually feed insights back to the business, and you get a highly valuable addition to your knowledge management toolset.

The Verdict?

Relevant and engaging content is always crucial, no matter what you do with it. But SalesPreso has upped the ante with their platform. That’s why we’re now assisting clients to prepare their content for use on the SalesPreso platform.

Up front, a client will require some focus and commitment to change the way they distribute and present sales tools in the field. There is data integration involved, but SalesPreso have that covered with key integrations with the most popular enterprise CRMs (Salesforce, Dynamics, etc) and a crack tech team, and tech partners to get the job done. They’ve also got some big users under their belt like Telstra, NewsCorp and REA Group.

As presentation platforms get smarter and more, well, human like, this is an area to watch out for.

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