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November 6, 2020

How to create a presentation on a budget

Four free resources that can help you create a slick presentations on a budget.

Well, it’s official. We are in a recession. The global pandemic has put a lot of economic pressure on businesses to perform in this new normal. Even though it’s now harder to access the best-of-breed communications tools, it doesn’t mean you can’t create persuading presentations that help your organisation capitalise on sales leads and drive business growth. If your business is trying to reduce its costs, here are four free tools that can still help you take your presentations to the next level.


The quality of images can make or break a presentation. Ripping any old image off Google means you risk downloading a low-quality image or worse infringing on someone else’s copyright. Pexel is an online resource that provides free high-quality stock photos, helping people all over the world to easily create beautiful designs. All photos are completely free to use, so you don’t have to worry about stealing someone else’s image. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, Unsplash is another great free resource you can use.


Icons are another essential feature of any well-designed PowerPoint presentation. Bullet points are boring! Icons can help you tell your story better. Flaticon is the perfect resource for finding free, beautifully designed icons. If none of those designs takes your fancy, try The Noun Project!


Grammarly is a free app that can plug into your MS Office Suite, your internet browser and pretty much anywhere you type frequently. This app is super helpful at finding spelling and grammar mistakes your ordinary spell check might miss! Nothing detracts from a key message like a spelling mistake. Make your presentation copy bullet-proof with this handy tool!


Learning how to design and take the full advantage of PowerPoint’s capabilities can be hard and time-consuming! If you’re strapped for cash, you can teach yourself through plenty of user-friendly tutorials on YouTube. This treasure-trove of content is also handy for finding videos that you can embed into your PowerPoint presentations – just make sure you credit your source during the presentation!

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