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February 20, 2015

Platform Review: Microsoft SWAY

What is Microsoft Sway?

Sway is a new application where you house and share multimedia content in a web platform. It works by dragging and dropping content onto your canvas, then modifying the design layout (using preset options or your own). It is easy to share your creation and it looks great on ANY screen.

We handed Sway over to one of our talented designers and this is the result:

Presentation Studio SWAY

How does Sway define its position in the market place?

Simple. Sway is cross platform compatible_?_ You can share your finished presentation across Windows, Android, and iOS devices. Microsoft have developed a great output regardless of the device you are viewing from.

Key features we love:

Sway is still in _??Preview’ mode, however we’ve given it run and the three things we liked most are:

  1. Simple Interface _?_ adding video’s, text and images is simple including from social media accounts.
  2. Dynamic Layout _?_ the _??Mood Button’ adapts the formatting to your desired layout. Or, it’s easy to make your own adjustments and change the emphasis by dragging content around to restructure.
  3. Device-Agnostic _?_ this is no small thing_?_ our number one request is to share content across multiple devices_?_ Thank you.
Who does it work best for?

The Microsoft Sway official product video showcases students creating classroom presentations and businesses sharing ideas with an investor. We think anyone who has a story to tell could use this software as long as the messages are succinct, clear and the images are of a high quality.

System Requirements: Sign in with a free Microsoft account to view or create Sways or download the Microsoft Sway app from iTunes to create Sways from your iPhone or iPad on the go.

Pros: There is a huge trend towards businesses creating videos to convey their brand, product and services. Microsoft Sway is a perfect platform to distribute these.

Cons: Still in _??Preview’ mode, which means features may still come and go. Some businesses still struggle with the security aspect of cloud based content.


We give it a 4 out of 5 for its Preview version and look forward to seeing more feature improvements as it develops.

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