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November 24, 2015

The World Of Inception | Prezi

Let us take you on a Prezi-tastic journey of the movie Inception, a 2010 science fiction heist thriller film directed by Christopher Nolan and vote for us in the 2015 Prezi Design Awards.

Adopting the atmosphere of the movie, our talented designers created a cinematic and artistic Prezi, enhanced by theatrical music in the background to make you feel like you’re watching an animated movie, rather than clicking through a presentation.

The Creative Process

The visual style of this Prezi was done in a concept art style often used in film making. The movie Inception was known for its artistic visuals and use of ambiguous perspectives and angles, creating an illusion of which way is up and which way is down, or what’s real and what’s not. We applied this concept to the artwork using strong perspective, chaotic yet artistic environments, and ambiguous sense of gravity.


The Prezi Journey

As viewers click through the Prezi, each click reveals different stages of iconic scenes from the movie with the frames moving in a dynamic sequence which synchronizes with the perspetive points of the scene – creating a realistic sense of space.

It was our design objective to make it more than just about spinning around and zooming in and out in random sequences. Every movement was contextualised with the surrounding environments in a logical way connecting seamlesslessly betweeen frames.



To help with the storytelling, each frame in the Prezi has a summary box that appears on click, explaining briefly the plot of the movie step by step.


Vote Now

This Prezi is currently being displayed for public votes and judging in Prezi’s 2015 Annual Design Awards. Public voting and judging ends on the 4th December 2015. 

We would love your vote – view and vote using this link.

When watchng it we highly recommend you do the following:
  1. Watch on your desktop or laptop (not mobile).
  2. Wait until the Prezi finishes loading.
  3. Watch in fullscreen mode with sound on.

Prezi presentations can be a powerful communication tool. If you’d like to speak to one of our professionals presentation experts today about creating a Prezi for your business click here and we’ll give you a call back.

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