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February 6, 2015

Prezi – The Game Changer

A common thread that binds our clients is their desire to stand out and be remembered. Choosing the right software to deliver your next presentation can make that difference. Prezi provides a compelling experience that, when used right, can be the difference both the presenter and audience need.

We’ve provided you with five things to consider when approaching Prezi:
1. Why use Prezi?
2. How to use Prezi?
3. Developing content for Prezi
4. Immerse yourself in Prezi with visuals
5. Tame the Prezi zoom

Why use Prezi?
We describe PowerPoint presentations as linear, you move through slide to slide and your audience knows what is coming next. Prezi is the opposite, best understood by imagining a large canvas artwork that your audience is guided around. We move a camera (the frame) around your design and zoom in to areas of interest.

How to use Prezi?
A good example is a timeline of events. The frame can move you along the years and then zoom in to dates of interest for further information. That visual experience will maintain your audiences attention and helps visualize your information.

To get the most out of Prezi there needs to be:
1. Planned content and a story line (a path)
2. Visuals to support the narrative
3. Intelligent use of zooming and rotations

Developing content for Prezi
In order to move your audience through the elements of your presentation, the content needs a well-planned flow. Find the overarching story and craft it into groups in order to support the physical movement or frames. Try using post-it notes to brainstorm ideas first.

You can construct the narrative so that the audience is diving in to detail or zooming out to see the big picture. Both ways can work really well depending on what the _??Ah-Ha Moment_?? is that you want your audience to feel.

Immerse yourself in Prezi with visuals
Your visuals should enhance and support the person presenting – not take over the show. Use the three backgrounds to build the mood changes that occur depending on the depth of the zoom.

Keep in mind consistency – make sure icons, illustrations and fonts have a matching theme and style. House photos and images in graphical elements so they don’t appear to float. This can be achieved through a clever 3D background or a static background that anchors the object.

Tame the Prezi zoom
The challenge to getting the best out of Prezi is to balance the zooming and rotating of the frames – too much and your audience will not thank you. If you make subtle transitions and meaningful zooms with subtle rotations it feel organic rather than forced or restricted.

When mapping the content structure plan your moves so that they are small shifts and ensure that there is a little change in depth and rotation of the camera, this will ensure the flow is smooth and can prevent the jack hammer effect.

Check out some of our Prezi presentation designs here.

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