By Presentation Studio

June 14, 2013

Prezi Fairy Tale – Presenterland

We are very excited to release the Ode to Prezi Fairy Tale. This is our creative exploration of Prezi, combining storytelling, grand visuals and the dynamic flow of Prezi to explore the ways of taking an audience on a journey through a presentation.

“Once upon a time, in a land far far away
where ideas grew faded and grey…

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“Once upon a time, in a land far far away
where ideas grew faded and grey.

T’was Presenterland; dominated by the two.
Sadly; used by all and championed by few…
The ideas wilted and waned, trapped within a linear vice,
never would they inspire twice.

Presenterland needed a vision, an idea not so hollow,
with a mission not to replace nor to follow.

They needed a flash and dynamic hero,
a champion that will help ideas grow.

Presenterland … So far away
where the ideas are faded and grey

Was turned upside down when Prezi came to town…

The champion zoomed into the detail,
but with a click it could zoom to see the whole whale.

In the clouds they flocked without a feather,
for now they could collaborate together.

New stories were told. There was always something new,
when the audience could choose their view

Ideas were no longer stoped by their location,
as Prezi has web-based navigation.

Prezi gave life to infinite dreams,
possibilities now endless for your creative teams.

We have been so bold,
with Prezi this story was told.

It did not replace, nor others did it follow.
It was not boring, nor so hollow.

This is a tool for you to inspire,
and spread your ideas like wildfire.”[/toggle]

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