By Presentation Studio

March 17, 2014

Presenting with confidence

PresentingYou’re standing up, your pulse is racing, your pupils are dilating, your mouth is dry and you’re fingers twitch in anticipation. But where are you? About to jump out of a plane, take the craziest roller coaster ride of your life, or walk down the aisle?

None of the above. You are about to present to a group of peers who you desperately want to impress with your new idea or strategy.

These feelings of anticipation, verging on anxiety, are completely normal, so to help you get to that room feeling confident and assured check out these suggestions from the presentation design experts.

Be Creative:
Numbers and words on their own are boring. Think laterally about other ways a message could be conveyed to make the audience retain interest and remember your message

Get Personal:
The recipients will put down their mobile phone if there is a personal story accompanying the presentation. It could be relating to your first day in the company or the challenge you’ve had with explaining what you do for work to your two year old daughter.

Take Risks:
If you want your presentation and your message to be remembered you have to take risks. Don’t use the same old template; don’t use the same predictable charts. Use professional designers who will help you transform your presentation into an inspirational piece of communication.

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