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November 7, 2014

@PresentationSummit2014 – Part 2


Ric led the Microsoft PowerPoint team for over 17 years and is now recognized as one of only a handful of PowerPoint MVPs (Most Valuable Professional). Ric talked us through the beginnings of PowerPoint and shared his thoughts on differentiating between projecting & printing presentations.

Did you know PowerPoint Version 1.0 (1987) was created for developing printed documents (as transparencies)? Much of the work done by the PowerPoint team for Office 2007 was focused on printed presentations. This may well be the cause of so many client challenges_?_ who are trying to present print layouts on screen!

Ric described his process of putting together presentations for print. In summary; write, design, refine and then create your pages. When you get to the design stage take inspiration from around you, check magazines and websites and follow the grid patterns they use by setting up your guides ( is one of my favourites).
Ric Bretschneider @ricbret



A clear trend at the conference was identifying what information is presented and what should be projected. Patti Sanchez, who is co-authoring a book with Nancy Duarte, delivered the morning keynote and spoke about different uses of presentations (webinars, videos, tradeshows & infographics etc.) and then discussed the middle ground. identify this as _??Slidedocs’ a visual document, developed in presentation software, that is intended to be read and referenced instead of projected.

The grey area here is people often confuse these documents as presentations. We create many presentations and while they are a fantastic tool for sharing succinct, editable information the key point is that they are shareable within teams – the ideal is not to present a ‘slidedoc’. They should support themselves as a standalone document.

If you want a great template and more information on Slidedocs click here.
Patti Sanchez @PattiSan

Emma is cracking


In wrapping up this two part series, I’m on a path to increasing awareness of what makes a great presentation. It’s fantastic to see so many people on the same journey. By identifying different presentation needs and giving people the skills to deliver their messages in a way that inspires their audience we might just get there!

Oh and I would fly to San Diego just to go back to Joe’s Crab Shack I hope they have one in New Orleans [next years destination for Presentation Summit 2015]!

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