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October 30, 2014

The role of presentations in your content marketing

Did you know that over 30 million presentations circulate the world each year? PowerPoint presentations are widely encountered and serve as _??petitions_?? when it comes to delivering information about your business. They are great vehicle for communicating complex information in simplified form.

PowerPoint presentations are an important tool in companies’ online content marketing toolbox, so making sure the content and visual aids are right is so important.

Because you are not present, you need the online presentation to grab the viewer’s attention. Trust can be established when the viewer sees the value in your messages, they will read and start to understand your world.

How do you achieve this?

Having the right content and key messages defined is fundamental, however a bad visual experience can ruin any words you have carefully chosen.

The example below demonstrates how refining the key message and choosing a powerful image can make an impact and help with message retention:

Key points to remember:

– Be clear about who you want the presentation to appeal to.
– Create a compelling story throughout your presentation.
– Try to use human emotions to evoke a connection.
– Spend time sourcing the right imagery to convey the message.
– Incorporate well designed visual elements to represent the story.

Our portfolio showcases some great presentation examples, and contact us for any enquiries.

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