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Learn to write
presentations that are
impactful and memorable

Presentation Studio has partnered with Duarte, the world’s number one presentation company to deliver the ultimate presentation writing course VisualStory®.

Presentation Studio Duarte 

Learn the art of storytelling

The VisualStory® course will empower you to create the perfect narrative and ensure your presentation is memorable and drive your audience into action. Through a series of practical training exercises, you’ll learn how to blend analytical and emotional content into a compelling story.

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Client Stories

Stuart Ward


The worlds leading CRM and automation company, Salesforce, tasked PS to train their engineers and product teams with storytelling and public speaking skills - across 3 countries in 2 weeks! Stuart tells us how our VisualStory® workshop helped empower his team with visual storytelling techniques that continue to make a difference.

The major benefits of the course

  • Learn what makes a successful presentation
  • How to organise and structure your presentation
  • Understand and prepare for audience resistance
  • Develop persuasive and influential communication skills
  • Learn how to tell a story
  • How to plan and write a winning proposal
  • Think about your audience needs and write to that
  • Discover visual design principles

If you’re an executive or a manager who wants to connect with your audience,
every time, then this course is perfect.

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for our complete training outline:

Presentation Training Information
Emma Bannister

Meet your facilitatorEmma Bannister

Founder and CEO, Presentation Studio

Having built APACs largest presentation communication agency Emma is passionate about changing presentation culture. A presentation expert with over 20 years’ experience and Telstra Business Women Award 2015 + 2016 finalist. Emma has helped executives communicate ideas and truly inspire change, start-ups raise funds, sales teams win billion dollar projects and charities raise awareness to life saving projects. Her vision is to transform the culture of presentations by raising awareness and educating people on the foundations and benefits of presentation communication.