Presentation writing.

Presentations, done write.

With clarity and creativity, we craft content that inspires action. By blending facts, figures and information together with emotive and persuasive storytelling, we ensure your presentation will be one to remember.

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Preso writing

Feel content


Full Insights.

You have an idea of the outcome you want, but need some help extracting the content. Our Insight Sessions are designed to start with nothing and build your objective, strategy, messaging and presentation - from scratch!


Presentation Content.

We develop the structure, message, and flow of your presentation, crafting a unique story that powerfully motivates and influences your audience.


Presentation Edit.

We proof and edit your existing content to allow for greater clarity and focus, making it easier for audience buy-in and engagement.

Writing is a skill

Writing is a skill,
not a task.

And, lucky for us, we have some highly skilled wordsmiths under the PS roof.

Crafting content that motivates and moves people, whilst conveying a memorable message is what our content team lives for. They take abstract ideas, complex jargon (or even notes on a napkin) and can translate them into a story that both celebrates your business and your presentation objective.

Whether it is writing for a business pitch, a showcase, a keynote speech or a video, our team will create powerful and impactful content - no matter the subject matter or audience profile.

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Our method.

Persuasive stories

Born from real-life presentation experience, and by analysing the very best speakers from history, our persuasive storytelling methodology, influences and creates a lasting impact on any audience. 

Structured to take the audience on a journey of what is, and what could be - from beginning, middle to end our method starts with a 'big idea' and closes with a clear call to action. 

It's so good, not only our writers are trained in this method,  we can train you and your team as well. Aristotle would be proud!

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Our Method

Write your own

Learn to write presentations that are impactful and memorable. 

Presentation Studio has partnered with Duarte to deliver the ultimate presentation writing course VisualStory®.

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Word on the street.

But enough from us, what do some of our fab clients say?

Bronwyn King

Tobacco-Free Portfolios

TEDx speaker and change-agent Bronwyn King has presented to the UN and country leaders, in order to influence and change the way they invest. Her content and design needed to make an impact, not just in Australia but internationally, and our writers and designers relished in the opportunity to make a positive difference. 

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Get us involved early in your presentation process. We can give you some pointers to help with your planning, plus map out a simple and fast approach to building your impactful presentation.