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September 12, 2017

Presentation Trends, so far in 2017

As we charge towards the end of 2017 we thought it would be a great opportunity to see what presentation trends have dominated this year.


We’ve seen the shift from the _??pantones colour of 2017 _?_ Greenery’ to the the 2018 trend of more vibrant bright colours1 #colourpop #coloursplash #vibrant


Design Style

In terms of overall design, there is _??Semi-flat_??, which is an evolution of the flat design, which uses textures, gradients and/or shadows over the existing flat trend.

In presentations, we see them becoming more and more minimalistic, with emphasis on white space and clarity _?_ which is great as it gives audiences the opportunity to really focus and understand the information.



The cool thing in icons right now is thin lines sometimes with coloured fills:



Photography is focusing (no pun intended) on vibrant images saturated with light and primary colours
When it comes to product photos, we have been seeing something I call _??tech product porn_??
(it’s like when they do food porn with a video graphics card).



And in typography, we see a lot of mixing of modern sans-serifs with hand scripts. It’s the blend of the modern / technological element with the human touch.



Please share trends and styles you are seeing in comments below.


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