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December 16, 2015

Presentation Trends 2016

Presentations are evolving _?_ from the way they’re created through to the way they’re delivered. Looking forward to 2016 we think these three trends will start to shift the presentation space.


One thought per click

The previously tightly held belief around the 10/20/30 rule for presentation is being challenged in today’s corporate world. Why? Because presenters tend to chuck everything onto those 10 slides, ignoring the 30 point rule and taking 40minutes to tell their story!

It’s also being challenged amongst visual designers as we start to look at how we can develop presentations that have one thought per click.

In the future presenters and designers alike will start worrying less about the number of slides in presentations and start focusing on one thought per click. This approach works well with the physical and mental connection presenters make when moving from slide to slide and thought to thought.


Spatial Stories

Adam Somlai-Fischer, co-founder of Prezi recently shared his thoughts at the annual Presentation Summit. Amongst his inspiring talk was something that will start to become more prevalent in the presentation space _?_ spatial stories.

Spatial stories are used to help us mentally organize and understand. Memory champions use spatial methods to organise the information they have to remember called _??memory palaces_??.

The way presentations are created today rely on people developing content with multiple messages in mind. The future success of presentations will be when people write with the intent of helping the audience to remember. Developing stories that show relationships between the detail and the bigger picture.

With Prezi’s unique canvas, you can create space, give the viewers the opportunity to see the bigger picture, zoom in on the finer details. Let them start to use their spatial memory, believed to be stronger than our semantic memory. The zooming tool allows you to show context and relationships, something that’s a little more challenging in linear presentation tools.


Colour of the Year _?_ 2016

Pantone, the global authority on colour, have released their 2016 Colour of the year. And for the first time ever they have chosen two.

Rose Quartz and Serenity have been selected to demonstrate the balance between warmer tones (Rose Quartz) that imbue connection and wellness, with the cooler blue (Serenity) providing a sense of order and peace.

_??Joined together Rose Quarts and Serenity demonstrate an inherent balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue, reflecting connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peace._??
Leatrice Eiseman Executive Director Pantone Colour Institute.

With a global focus on wellness you can expect to see this colour trend feature heavily across products, advertising, beauty and fashion. 


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