By Presentation Studio

June 23, 2014

Presentation tips to help you sleep at night

Is your upcoming presentation keeping you awake at night with worry? Follow these four simple tips and you’ll sleep easy:

Story structure

Map out your content on paper, sticky notes, whiteboard – whatever tool you feel most comfortable with or have handy. Just don’t open a new PowerPoint file. This approach will give you an opportunity to identify key messages and will give you flexibility to move things around helping you create a compelling story.


This is a commonly overlooked important step. Put yourself in their shoes for one moment. What would they find compelling? What will they do once presented with your message? Answering these questions while you’re preparing will shape the story you tell.


Plan your presentation for exactly the amount of time allotted will ensure you’re not left in that awkward position of having to rush through and skip important slides. If you have 20 minutes, rehearse to that time and only include the key points you need to communicate.


It has been reported that if we _??hear a piece of information three days later we’ll remember 10% of it. Add a picture and we’ll remember 65%_?? Review your content and identify those moments where a picture or visual may be a more powerful expression of the key message.

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