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November 3, 2017

Presentation Studio Host their First Event, Connect Breakfast

There are way more products and services than ever before. It is becoming harder and harder for each of us, as individuals, to stand out, be noticed and be heard.

So how do we ensure we stay relevant and create the impact that we want?

The answer is to connect.

That’s why this week, Presentation Studio hosted our first Connect Breakfast at the Ivy Sunroom in Sydney. It was an opportunity to launch my new book Visual Thinking: How to transform the way you think, communicate and influence with presentations.

We also invited three of Australia’s top business leaders to discuss how important it is to connect with others, including your competition.

Check out the video from the day:

Janine Garner, Founder & CEO of LBD Group

_??What you need is a network of transformational rather than transactional connections. It’s about connecting in the right way, sharing value, different perspectives and broader views with each other._?? Janine says you need a network of four key people in your life:

  1. Teacher _?_ to inspire and show you the way
  2. Pit Crew _?_ to support you and your dreams
  3. Butt-kicker _?_ to keep you accountable
  4. Promoter _?_ to help spread the word.

_??Connecting, as we know it, has become shallow,
superficial and ineffective,_?? explained master networker, Janine.


James Clifton, Head of Marketing Operations at Telstra

James’ love of the movie Titanic, the Swans winning the 2005 AFL grand final, and the memory of getting married are all pivotal experiences that he shared at the event to connect with us in the audience.

He spoke about a life full of media, sport, family and friends. It’s these experience that he also uses to create a connection with teams and drive motivation towards goals.

Andrew Howie, Group Marketing Manager at Meat and Livestock Australia

Andrew has worked on some legendary advertising campaigns that have pushed the boundaries of creativity, as well as sparked some interesting conversations! [Like this]

As part of his journey, he shared his insights into how and why the company have expanded from targeting baby boomers to a younger demographic.

It was a fabulous celebration of the importance of connection by our three passionate speakers, and the perfect opportunity to launch ‘Visual Thinking’.


Stay tuned for our next event!

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