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July 20, 2016

Presentation Studio helps Warwick Farm girls group strive for creativity

Did you know, 2.5 million Australians live below the poverty line? We at Presentation Studio were horrified to hear that communities in our own backyard are experiencing poverty and abuse.

Blog_Warwick_Farm_02.jpgThe First Seeds Fund provides countless programs including Community Support, Education Programs and Employment opportunities, all aimed to help disadvantaged women and children around Australia.

Located in South-Western Sydney, just 40 minutes from our  home in Moore Park is the small suburb of Warwick Farm, an underprivileged community with a high rate of crime and unemployment that weaves its way through the community affecting the lives of the residents who live there.


Working in collaboration with the First Seeds Fund, we focused on the Warwick Farm Community Centre. This Community Centre is a safe haven for the women and children of Warwick Farm who have been affected by the poverty and abuse surrounding their suburb.

Blog_Warwick_Farm_04.jpgRan by a group of strong advocates, the First Seeds Funs provides much needed education, employment and community based programs to the residents of Warwick Farm in hopes to break the cycle of crime and unemployment.


Our task at Presentation Studio was to help benefit the _??Strive_?? girls group, an after school program aimed at girls aged 12-18. We wanted to share with the girls a bit of what we do every day in the studio, express ourselves through creativity.

Pulling in help from family, friends, kind strangers and local businesses, we set up a stall at the Entertainment Quarter Farmers Markets every Wednesday over 2 months and asked our community to bring in any spare stationary they would be able to part with to help us bring some art’s to the girls at _??strive_??. Throughout these months’ our Moore Park community dug deep into their desk drawers and dropped off countless bags of pens, pencils, paper, texta’s and paints all for the girls, including a very gracious contribution of brand new stationary made by Office Works.  


We packed up our car’s, overflowing with our donations and our designers and set out to Warwick Farm. Greeted by Pat Hall, the Head Co-ordinator at Warwick Farm, we were given a tour of the community centre and insight into the daily life around the centre and the suburb.

We became in awe as we saw endless ways they offer their support to the community including a boy’s after school program, Beauty Salon, CafÍ© and mobile cafÍ©, as well as a garden maintenance business and thrift shop just to name a few!


As the strive girls arrived after school, we were introduced to them and told that they had received a gift of Arts and Crafts supplies, one girl even asking _??does that mean we will have texta’s that work?_??

The rest of the afternoon was spent with the girls, helping to create a storybook including illustrations.

We received a big thanks for the Co-ordinators and were notified that our gifts will not only be used by the Strive girls, but by the whole community centre.

For Presentation Studio, it was an eye opening experience that allowed us to realise just how lucky we are and how something so little, can go such a long way.


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