By Presentation Studio

September 8, 2017

Presentation Studio & Duarte – our Asia Pacific Partnership

Presentation Studio has been writing and designing successful and memorable presentations for over 10 years.

But there has always been a piece of the puzzle missing _?_ until now.

We are proud to announce our partnership with Duarte (the Global Presentation Leaders) to help us extend our reach and provide presentation training throughout Asia Pacific.

The VisualStory?? workshops are based on Nancy Duarte’s award-winning books Resonate and Slide:ology. Together, we’ll share the secrets that the world’s greatest communicators use to convey their ideas.


Learn how to apply story, structure and visuals to create presentations that have the power to change you, your company and the wider world.

The one and two-day workshops are created specifically for businesses that understand the value and ROI of their teams. You create presentations on an ongoing basis, but know you need to create a more memorable message and a positive impression with your audience and stakeholders.

You’ll get practical tips, tools and know-how on presentation structure, content, messaging and visual communication _?_ the foundation blocks of creating a powerful presentation.

Duarte is a global leader when it comes to our industry, sharing the same philosophy as Presentation Studio, so there is no one we trust more to join forces with and deliver the best training possible.

We know you’ll agree!

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