By Presentation Studio

July 17, 2017

Presentation Skills – Public Workshop Launch

What I love most about what we do at Presentation Studio is the constant stream of grateful and happy clients who ring after their successful presentations.

We’ve had flowers, hampers, chocolates and tears_?_

Presentations are incredibly powerful. The pressure and stakes are often life changing and that makes it all the more important we get them right.

A successful presentation has the power to influence its audience and drive them to action

Vital messages and ideas can go unheard _?_ trapped if we don’t succeed in our quest of unlocking them.

That’s why we have now launched our Presentation 360, Public Workshops.

We know it’s not always possible to use our production services so our team of experts are now providing public workshops in presentation training, perfect for individuals or teams.

Secure your spot in our next public workshop now!

We cover the three core areas of presentations to ensure your messages and ideas don’t go unheard.

  1. Presentation Writing
  2. PowerPoint Design
  3. Public Speaking

Book all three days in sequence for a discount or select based on your immediate need.

World class education tools to prepare your own presentations, connect with your audience and deliver your ideas with confidence.

Plus, find out more about our Corporate Team workshops.


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