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March 22, 2013

Presentation Platform review: Adobe DPS


Welcome to our first in a series of reviews on the latest amazing presentation platforms coming online.

It’s an exciting time with rapid innovations in technology. Society has more immediate access to a range of channels to receive information. The prolific market saturation and increasing demand for mobile devices with smart technology are encouraging new and more personalised ways to consume media.
So what does this mean for the art of delivering presentations; conveying meaningful messages, telling great stories; pitching your next product or service?
What this new behaviour brings is not only a choice of a myriad of channels, but dictates that Presentations can no longer be a one-way communication. Presenters must capture the audience’s interest by:
creating an experience;

There are so many applications and mobile device strategies that vary in cost and usability. Which one would you use? Why would you use it? How would you use it? How can it work in a large enterprise?

This article will be a first in a series from Presentation Studio, focusing on mobile and digital presentation solutions that we are already building and deploying for our clients.

The most notable and exciting products for mobile devices are:

Adobe DPS,
Apple iBooks,
Interactive PDFs

What is Adobe DPS?

In short, DPS (Digital Publishing Suite) is a set of tools that allow rich media content to be created and delivered to mobile devices in the form of an App. DPS has almost limitless potential. It’s highly customisable through design and interactivity therefore completely tailored to your objectives.
In a NutShell: it is an electronic publishing and distribution workflow process, transforming printed material into an interactive digital medium (app) seamlessly and easily. It then becomes a powerful distribution channel, pushing customised apps to both Apple & Android devices.


For the large Enterprise, the distribution methods allow secure channels of distributing content to devices based on user enterprise IDs and login details.

For us creatives, we don’t need coding ability. That means less time on building, and more time on designing an engaging user experience. We can easily integrate user interaction with the content, so instantly audiences have the ability to immerse themselves in the content and engage, share and interact within the device without having to deviate from your key messages.

This platform gets our “Big Thumbs Up”. There are so many rich possibilities to DPS, not all can be adequately explained here, however to summarise the key elements:
DPS has the unique ability of delivering content to multiple devices on both Android and iOS.
It can be completely customisable, with targeted content that is user and location specific.
It is enterprise friendly to keep your IT team happy (secure, scalable across multiple platforms, centralised deployment and control)
It looks and acts like a fully custom coded App on your mobile or desktop – for less the cost and you don’t have to list it on the App Store!
Recently, our clients have been using this platform to:

Check out the App of the week on Adobe’s website – stunning!
Give us a yell if you want to know how Adobe DPS can benefit your business.
Stay tuned for our next Platform review.

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