By Presentation Studio

May 9, 2014

Create brilliant presentation ideas with Post-it??

I recently attended the TedX Sydney event and experienced many standout presentations _?_ from the amazing work of an autistic artist through to finding out what the State Coroner actually does! But one of the things I loved the most was the Major Partners, 3M Post-it??, and the work they have been doing in the name of collaboration.

In a bid to ensure their product remains relevant in the offices and minds of today’s business world, Post-it?? Notes have created Collaboration Central _?_ a portal of tools, tips and tricks and tips on how to best collaborate in your workplace.

One of my favourites is Storyboarding, something our clients need our help with regularly.

Why I love it: If you about to embark on developing a presentation and have multiple collaborators involved this process is a great way of gaining consensus fast.

Other great little collaboration and organisation tools include the Fishbone and Mind Mapping

Thanks Post-it?? Notes for sharing your ideas.

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