By Presentation Studio

June 8, 2016

Presentation-Guru is the new digital magazine for presentation professionals

When I first started out as a designer in the world of presentations, desktop publishers and PowerPoint experts were considered _??non-designers’. It certainly wasn’t trendy _?_ the cool kids wanted to go work in the big name agencies.

The thought leaders in our industry worked hard to transform the perception and now a group of experts have joined forces to continue the shift in presentation culture, creating _?_ an online resource for presenters and presentation creators.

The inspiration came from a hole in the market: no reliable resources for insights that aren’t commercially motivated; it’s exciting because until now there hasn’t been anywhere to go for a non-biased opinion. Yes, I’ve made a living out of presentations _?_ but I don’t get commission from the software! It makes no difference to me if clients use PowerPoint, Prezi or Keynote. What’s important is presenters deliver a strong message that’s easy for the audience to understand.

Presentation-Guru.com_??is driven by an International team of speakers, writers, and designers who strive to improve the quality of presentations and public speaking. We believe the opportunity to change a single person’s mind can possibly change the world. _??The website is a resource designed to help everyone deliver their message with more impact, energy and influence. 

We agreed that great presentations comprised of four things: 

  1. Compelling content 
  2. Visual impact 
  3. Powerful delivery 
  4. Effective technology 

Our focus is to support everyone in the Presentation industry: 

I’m personally committed to transforming the culture of presentations because I see the positive global impact of influential speakers _?_ look at Al Gore and Elon Musk. We might not personally change the world, but we all have the power to make a difference by combining clear content with visual design in all we do _?_ home, work and life. 

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Presentation-Guru_??is the new digital magazine for presentation professionals across the world. Launched June 1st, 2016 _?_ a platform for the freshest thinkers in the world of presentation writing, design, performance and technology. 

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