Presentation design

Be memorable, make a visual impact.

We believe that great design not only complements written content, it moves people. A well-designed presentation creates a powerful first impression, supports your message and keeps your audience engaged.

Our industry-leading designers translate information and data into stunning presentations, so your message hits the mark.

Regardless of the platform you use - PowerPoint, Prezi, HTML, animated videos, interactive e-books - our designers bring your message to life.

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Be memorable
Design services

PowerPoint design services.

Whether you need a bespoke presentation with custom illustration and infographics or fast formatting of your existing PowerPoint slides, we've got you covered.

As a Microsoft partner and Office365 superuser, our designers double as technical magicians. Think you know what PowerPoint can do? Think again - we make a PowerPoint look … well, not like PowerPoint! 

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Interactive digital presentations.

We have interactive solutions that suit all devices and purposes. PDFs, eBooks, iBooks, and handouts - leave your audience hungry for more with beautifully presented stories. Perfect for your next conference leave-behind or pitch, our presentation services create memorable connections.

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Interactive Doc
Animated video

Animated video design.

Transform your message into a video presentation, an animated video or even a pure animation. More than moving images, an explainer video tells your story in an immersive way.

Our writers storyboard your message and our animators bring it to life with visuals, voiceover, and music.

Perfect for websites, onboarding and communicating complex information in a fun and engaging way.

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Infographic design.

Infographics work wonders to simplify large amounts of data - visually representing information that would otherwise easily be misunderstood or ignored.

The story they tell can be told over and over again - on websites, email, posters, social and so much more.

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Any platform. No problem.

Content is still king

Presentation tools are ever-evolving, and getting smarter and easier to use. That's why we build content on the world's best. We have partnered with every major presentation platform (and some budding start-ups!).

Regardless of the tool, it's still the content and messaging that counts - told in a compelling story. That's where we come in.

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Prezi Presentation software specialises in animating your big-picture concepts. Let us create your entire presentation or help you design your own Prezi templates.

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The hottest sales enablement platform that leverages your sales insights from across your business, and using AI distributes it live across your sales teams - using stunning visuals!

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seismic (3)


A cutting edge enterprise sales and distribution management platform that gets the right content to the right people - consistently. We can help your marketing team to build the perfect content for Seismic.

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Google Slides

Google Slides.

An easy to use cloud-based platform for smaller businesses to build, collaborate and share their presentations. Our team specialise in building your templates and creating stunning content.

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Software not required.

Just focus on your story

Presentations don't always need slides. But they always need a compelling story and structure. Our content writers specialise in writing persuasive stories for any presentation medium - even when visual support is not needed.

Perfect for:

  • Panel discussions
  • Elevator pitches
  • Stage interviews
  • Pitches and bids
  • One on one sales calls
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Software not required

Some amazing examples.

The proof is in the pudding. View some of our favourite case studies


Pitch for the launch of Zeno

The Terrace Initiative

Event theme and presentations for product launch


Retail roadshow

Word on the street.

But enough from us, what do some of our fab clients say?

James Clifton

Global Marketing - Telstra

James gives you an insight into why Telstra has partnered with PS since 2010. From Events with impact to sales decks that persuade. Our partnership goes beyond a pretty presentation and delivers a competitive advantage for Telstra.

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