By Presentation Studio

May 4, 2018

Prepare & Deliver – what is your next presentation worth to you?

Delivering your presentation, whether that is on stage, in a boardroom or over the internet, is an opportunity to show off all the hard work you’ve put into thinking about and communicating your presentation. This is when you pull everything together for your audience!

Yet, public speaking is one of the greatest fears for many people.

This is where most of our hard work comes undone.

The nerves kick in, our voice wavers.

What to do?

The cornerstone of successful presenting is preparation. Since speaking publicly is daunting enough it’s important to be able to focus purely on your delivery, and try and turn your nerves into excitement.

Preparation reduces nerves and anxiety on the day.

This means practising your presentation out loud, not just in your head. This will give you an accurate idea of timing. Let your personality and passion shine, give the audience more than a report. Ask your friends, colleagues or family to critique you.

If I Am to Speak Ten Minutes, I Need a Week for Preparation;
If an Hour, I Am Ready Now.  1918 Woodrow Wilson

Be prepared to deliver on the spot with no speaker notes. Sometimes fold back screens (second monitors) don’t work or just repeat what the audience sees. Auto cues fail (bad idea anyway) or if you are presenting via Skype you cannot see your notes.

The more authentic and personal you are in the delivery of your presentation, then the more your audience will connect with you and your message.

Ironically, this is also how you’ll gain more confidence for next time!

Still need help?

Presentation Studio now offer small classes for public speaking training. Come along to a workshop and we’ll help you transform your nerves into excitement and confidence.


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