By Presentation Studio

September 10, 2015

PowerPoint should NOT be banned and this is why

The Sydney Morning Herald published an article titled “PowerPoint should be banned. This PowerPoint presentation explains why“. Here’s a small excerpt from the article

The indiscriminate and ingrained use of PowerPoint presentations threatens the military’s institutional integrity. Former defense secretary Robert Gates said he wasterrified by the thought of promising young officers sitting in cubicles and reformatting slides in their prime working years. Earlier this year, Defense Secretary Ashton Carterbanned PowerPoint presentations during a summit in Kuwait to encourage analysis and discussions, instead of the usual fixed briefings.”


If all PowerPoint presentations looked like this, more people should be concerned about their professional integrity.

The author went on to showcase others who are challenging the supremacy of PowerPoint. One point raised was ‘Forums like TED make presenters tell a story rather than give a presentation.’

What if all organisations approached a presentation as if they were on a TED stage? What if they delivered their material by telling a story and using a visual medium as support?

We strongly believe that any presentation software can be a powerful communication tool when used correctly.

We don’t think PowerPoint should be banned.

This PowerPoint presentation explains why.

Using content that has been written with purpose, and design skills that enhance the message, a presentation can be powerful and persuasive.

TWIS cover

The slides should support the speaker, not take over and be the speakers crutch.

TWIR Values

Evoke emotion, add texture and colour to keep the audience engaged.


Save heavy worded content for a word document or report that is handed out.

TWIR process

Our final note: Create your story. Craft your story. Practice your story. Deliver your story with convicton. And use whatever tools you feel comfortable to support your story.

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