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September 30, 2014

PowerPoint Image Tricks & Ideas

Once you have found the perfect pictures for your presentation you need to find a cohesive treatment to unify your images. The idea is to find a way of making different images look like they belong together giving you a professional look and feel.

Gone are the days of rounded corners, reflections and 3D embossing! Replaced with simple tricks such as using Format/Colour to play with the colour saturation or Artistic Effects like a soft blur on your pictures can unify your presentation images.

Here are some great tips for adjusting your presentation images.

Full Bleed Images
Re-sizing your images to fit the whole screen looks more professional than small randomly positioned pictures. Make sure your image is good quality with a minimum resolution of 1000 pixels.
Full Bleed Images
Solid Blocks
Try adding solid blocks of colour to your images, giving clear contrast to your text and adding a consistent look and feel to your presentation. Mix up the placement of the blocks on your slides.
Solid Blocks
Background Images
If your image can’t quite stretch the ‘extra inch’ use this quick fix to buy some extra space. By duplicating the image and flipping it, and lining up the edges you can fake the background without stretching your image. It works well for background areas including grass, sea & clouds etc.
background images
Much as we would all like a quick fix to losing weight, it’s not ideal to stretch or squash images. To avoid the dilemma hold down on the keyboard and use the corner image handle when adjusting your pictures. If in doubt use the Format/Reset Picture & Size button on your ribbon.

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