PowerPoint Presentation Design.

Once you've nailed your content, it's time to think design. A professionally designed presentation will take your key messages and story to the next level, giving you something your audience will never forget. We think you'll be amazed by the visual magic that's possible with PowerPoint.  

But you don't use PowerPoint? Don't worry - we work all platforms such as Prezi, Keynote, Google Slides, SalesPreso, iBook, Seismic - the choice is yours. 

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PPT Presentation Design

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Bring the emotion to life with a simple merge of high-resolution video and PPT text and graphic overlays. Next stop... Hollywood!

Creating a Scene

Re-creating an immersive scene using PowerPoint elements and imagery can bring your brand messaging to life.


Taking a leaf out of online design, you can make your simple static image work harder.

PowerPoint Training:

Think like a designer

Stand out from the crowd and bring ideas to life by learning all the tips and features that will help you to think (and create) like a designer. 

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PowerPoint Templates.

If you want the ability to create simple, on-brand presentations, a template is the perfect tool. Our PowerPoint experts build easy to use, beautiful templates. We design, you fill in the content. Sweet as! 

We will create a one-of-a-kind template built to your brand specifications. Complete with all the bells and whistles, our templates can be used and enjoyed by all departments and teams. 

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PowerPoint Templates

A template for anything.

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When you need consistency of brand and structure across your organisation, a template is the way to go. 

TIP: Let our content writers build a story structure for your specific requirements (sales deck, board report, internal update, etc).  Then, our designers create a consistently beautiful flow from slide to slide.

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Download your Presentation Template

We have crafted a few easy to use templates to get you started. 



Presentation vs Report:


Defined by a human-to-human connection, a carefully crafted storyline and clear call to action - a presentation conveys your message to an audience in a memorable, meaningful manner. Complementary slides are designed and utilised to help the audience understand and buy into your idea.


A standalone document that is content-rich – filled with facts, stats, data and graphs (like a magazine or brochure). Unlike a presentation, a report is not designed to be spoken to, as the information is usually self-explanatory

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Presentation vs. Report

Report example.

Toll Holdings

Toll wanted to deliver key findings to stakeholders but also needed to share the presentation after the event. Our PS team first designed a detailed, yet editable report in PowerPoint, that was sent as a PDF. We then extracted the key messages, created a narrative, and built an impactful presentation for delivering in person, using captivating, real-life visuals. 

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