PowerPoint design training

Design like a pro.

In this practical session, you’ll learn how to make the most of  PowerPoint features so you can design first-class presentations - every time. Replacing heavy text with images and illustrations that support your message, will instantly attract attention and engage your audience. Engage your inner designer with this hands-on and creative session. 

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Design Presentations Like a Pro
Be more efficient

Be more efficient.

Time, better spent

If you’re wasting valuable time creating PowerPoint presentations that you know could be better, this is the workshop for you.  Bring ideas to life and improve your productivity and create knock-out presentations in a fraction of the time.

In this one day workshop, you will gain a working knowledge of PowerPoint technical features and how to apply design 101 principles to create first-class slides. 

The session is led by our PowerPoint design specialist who guides participants through engaging and practical lessons.

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Think like a designer.

You’ll learn tricks from the best in the business to ensure your presentations look perfect each time. Our shortcuts will save you time and enable you to present professionally, with ease.

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Design like a pro

Training outline:

Perfect for teams/individuals needing to improve their PowerPoint skills.

Learn to:
  • Build templates and slide masters.
  • Master colours, fonts and placeholders.
  • Understand layouts and themes.

PowerPoint slides workshop.

  • Practical sessions creating different PowerPoint layouts.
  • Use shapes and typography.
  • Create data charts.
  • Learn the best animation techniques.

Hands-on practical experience.

  • Putting it all together – create slides to support messages. 
  • Bring your own files for personal advice! 
  • Create slides from real examples.

The best workshop you'll ever do.

  • Think like a designer and get the most from PowerPoint features.
  • Understand the slide design essentials.
  • Create consistent, on-brand and professional presentations.
  • Reduce preparation time and increase efficiency.
  • Understand the importance of visual communications and learn the practical outputs.
  • Learn the best animation techniques.

Perfect for.

  • Teams needing to improve their technical PowerPoint skills.
  • Companies who have just launched a new PowerPoint Template.

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Perfect for individuals or if you would like to try before booking your team into our group courses.

PowerPoint Training
$595 - $995

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PowerPoint Training
$595 - $995

See dates

PowerPoint Training
$595 - $995

See dates

PowerPoint Training
$595 - $995

See dates

Book a Group Course:

Perfect for groups of up to 15 people where your course is customised to your objectives and brand. 

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Word on the street.

Enough from us. Over to our clients.

Stuart Ward


The worlds leading CRM and automation company, Salesforce, tasked PS to train their engineers and product teams in storytelling and public speaking - across 3 countries in 2 weeks no less! Stuart explains how our VisualStory™ workshop helped boost his team's confidence and communication skills - and outlines how the experience continues to make a positive impact.

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"Definitely got more out of it than I thought and found it way more interesting than I'd expected. Thanks."


NSW Government

"...the shortcuts, transitions, and animations were a great result!



"Thank you for an amazing course filled with valuable information, the whole experience was invaluable to the Office of the Secretary.


Federal Government

Meet your Trainer:

Emma Bannister

“I believe presentations are a catalyst for action. I’m passionate about helping people unlock the value of their presentations. Hours, days, even weeks are wasted creating and delivering lacklustre PowerPoint presentations that are ultimately forgotten. If every presentation became creative, powerful and memorable, the positive impact on a company’s revenue would be enormous.”

Emma Bannister

Founder & CEO, Presentation Studio

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Emma Bannister - Presentation Studio 2019

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