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POWERFUL Presentation Tips

Unlock the Power Of Presentations

Unlock the Power!

Whatever way you look at it, presentations cost time and money. But the real investment is in your brand and business. 


  • How much is winning the business you’re pitching to worth?
  • How could the presentation help progress your career?
  • How much might it influence your desired impact?

Communicate a competitive vision

A clear message and vision is what sets you apart from your competitors or colleagues. As a leader in any industry, you need the ability to articulate this in a way that is clear, powerful and makes you stand out (for a good reason, not bad). It pays to have a professional work out the right message that will generate value for customers and buy-in with stakeholders that could influence a make or break situation.

Bring somePOWER to your Presentations

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Weigh up opportunity cost

Billion-dollar companies risk damaging their brand and reputation overnight through dire presentations. The fall out of this often involves losing out to a competitor, not to mention losing customers and clients. It takes a long time to win back the kind of trust and long-term loyalty you’ve built up to that point. 

Leaving it to the office junior to ‘pretty up’ your slides or update your latest results could cost you more than it’s worth.

Invest in your advantage

Bid teams responsible for multi-billion-dollar bids go to the experts for a reason. Niche presentation agencies have large full-time teams who can pool together, resources, experience and industry knowledge, to collaborate with you and help at times of need. They know how to write with persuasion and their teams of creatives work together to ensure the slides visually support your story and messages with consistency and power.

Sustain your growth

The right agencies can help train your entire team to write, design and deliver powerful presentations. They can also help you set up templates and libraries of slides that you can reuse over and over again, as well as develop frameworks that will help you map out your ideas so you save time and wasted expense.

This is exactly what Presentation Studio can help you with.

We understand the value of your investment when it comes to a professional presentation.

The question is now, do you?

With INSIGHTS, we write, design and train to help you deliver powerful presentations that connect.
Every time.

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AboutPresentation Studio

Stories with Presence

Presentation Studio is APACs premiere presentation communication agency, offering full-service presentation solutions, insights and training for large-scale organisations and SMEs across the Asia-Pacific region.

Our tailored packages include everything from planning and concept creation to Story writing, full design and software/ personnel training. Our services extend beyond the screen to event management, offering a 360 approach to the specific presentation requirements of you and your audience.


Story and visual planning strategy workshops


Writing and finessing engaging stories


Visually stunning designs across all platforms


Teaching you how to write, build and deliver engaging stories


Seamless partnership to deliver successful projects

Why Presentation Studio

We forged the niche by creating Australia’s only full service Presentation specialist agency back in 2006. Since then, we have worked with Australia’s largest and most dynamic organisations.

We love what we do, we value strong working partnerships, and deliver amazing results.


Dr Bronwyn King

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“That looks AWESOME! I think it looks perfect, so great!

Well done!”


“Thank you, that is the best training workshop I have ever attended.”


“Thanks so much again for your support on this it’s been great working with you and we’ve got a great result!”



Powerful Presentation Tips