By Presentation Studio

September 2, 2014

A picture speaks 1,000 words

The term _??A picture speaks 1,000 words’ has been traced back to a guy called Fred R. Barnard who in 1921, wrote an article about the use of images in advertisements.

Although his original message was to do with advertising, he came up with a fundamental idea that great presenters have been using ever since.

From a very young age, we are taught to associate words with images or things. Think about how young people learn to spell and learn the alphabet _?? they use educational alphabet boards, like the one we see here, to reinforce what they see with what they are hearing.

Today, it is easy to become overloaded and lost in content. Many online, and for that matter print, publications are now using visual aids and prompts to attract more readers to their news. Social media platforms give detailed advice to businesses for how best to capture their audiences by combining visual stimulation with words. Just think about how many times you flick through your social media feeds or through the pages of a magazine or newspaper, only stopping when there is an image that catches your attention.

In the fight for people’s attention, presenters need to return to basics, and provide people with effective shortcuts to help them process what they’re presenting. Otherwise, it will be forgotten amongst the mass of information they’re already trying to store.”

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