By Presentation Studio

January 6, 2016

Obama’s Power to Influence

President Barack Obama has long been one of my most respected public speakers.

He is poised, powerful and passionate in composure. His body language supports what he is saying, his gestures never falter and there is always pure conviction in his message.

Today, in what will be considered one of his most historic speeches of all time, President Obama outlined his new US gun control plan.

He shares his vulnerability and personal challenges of coping with massacres and shootings on a daily basis. His emotion was raw and genuine. A side not seen by many.

My hope is, that today sets a turning point in America, and this speech has the power to influence everyday people living their lives.

3 Important Questions

When presenting, there are 3 important questions to ask your audience. Everyone who hears President Obama’s speech will be moved through these questions.
What do your audience to;

Today he was clear in his conviction and clear in his call to action.
I watch with hope.


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